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December 26, 2004 - Madison Newspapers contributing writer Eliot Tennyson

Despite local fire departments immediate response to the blaze the fire continued to burn, with periodic explosions, until dawn.

• Shortly after midnight Christmas Day a small research facility on Madison's north-side, known locally as Greenfield Laboratories, was engulfed in flames as a loud explosion rocked the typically quiet neighborhood. Lt. Fire Chief Spencer, "Very little is known at this point. There are no permits on file and as far as we can trace this address has never been registered with any Municipal or State Office." While the fire was contained, there is extensive damage to the structure. Despite the departments immediate response to the blaze the fire there were periodic explosions until dawn. "There is no telling what it was in all those canisters. Just as we would get a hot spot extinguished another one of those things would go off and it was back to square one." Despite decisions against an evacuation order an Air Quality Warning is currently in effect and an immediate response team assembled until further notice. Sole witness and long time neighborhood resident Dryden Thackery had this to say, "You never would've expected it. BLAM! The building totally exploded. Force knocked me to the ground. The flames must have reached the stars. I heard they were doing some weird s**t up there, but damn! You never would have expected this in your backyard." Federal investigators were on the scene as the search for survivors continued.


Greenfield Laboratories Cassettography
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012801 Greenfield 12b - Pepper’s Inanimate Delectation
012802 The Generic Compilation
012803 Din Sibo - Tohic Sigaps La sibo Lur Icim Pepal Aboicihi
012804 Greenfield 12b - Torched
012805 Dr. Love and MC Chicken Nugget - Dopest Hype ‘97
012806 Greenfield 12b - Phonosynthetic Orgasm #1
012807 Greenfield 12b - Commercialized Rave Record
012808 Greenfield 12b - One Sick Motherfucker
012809 Greenfield 12b - This Is My Style
012810 Greenfield 12b - Experimental Etc.
012811 The Guardian Preternatural - Kitty Porn For Ray Peterson
012812 The Guardian Preternatural - Preternatural EP


Greenfield Laboratories CDography
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012813 The Little Prince - The Reality Of My Surroundings
012814 Lost and Found Volume 1
012815 Greenfield 12b - Silent Tranquilizer
012816 Lost and Found Volume 2
012817 Greenfield 12b - The 12b Experiment EP
012818 Greenfield 12b - SqWAD EP
012819 Greenfield 12b - SqWAD
012820 Insomnia Funmaker - Final Daze
012821 Greenfield 12b - Kardonal Din
012822 Dahni Distortion - Electronic Music Temptations EP
012823 Dahni Distortion -
Dear Captain Carl, Something Must Be Terribly Wrong
012824 Abnormality Or Crosswire Gone Haywire DVD



Other recordings, collaborations, and limited release material
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1989: Blind Silence - Gumbo One
1993: Three Blind Mice - Demo

Number Nine - Early Break
Number Nine - Diver Down
Number Nine - Drop Bass Workout
Number Nine - Big World Beat
Number Nine - Out of Time
Number Nine - 3 Tpmettaomed
Greenfield 12b - Seven Seconds/ See You Tomorrow
Greenfield 12b - Fourth Coming
Greenfield 12b - Honeycomb
Din Sibo - Contaminations
12b VS Din Sibo - Yes-Men
Greenfield 12b - Fuck! The Boyz Silly
Din Sibo - Maddreas Sigaps Siex
Din Sibo - Soitz Hibioa
Greenfield 12b - Bonus Annoyance
Greenfield 12b - Two-inch April Snowbound
Sunken Duck - Ducky Demo (w/ Four Finger Studios)
Asians Out Of Control - On Board Thermos High Mountain sessions
Asians Out Of Control - On Stage No Disco Gat sessions
Sunken Duck - Working Title (w/ Four Finger Studios)
Asians Out Of Control - Lands End Golden Fleece
Greenfield 12b - Another
Greenfield 12b - It Lurks Below in the Darkness
Greenfield 12b - Little Man Big Tank
Greenfield 12b - Don't Forget the Purple Chicken Tree
Greenfield 12b - The Rise and Fall of...
Greenfield 12b - Quazimodo
Greenfield 12b - The Awesome Power of...
Greenfield 12b - The 12b Experiment



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